New stuff

Just a sample of what is newly up for grabs here at SDNR,more to follow,stay tuned.
all prices are as individual as the items themselves,please inquire by email.

From Autographs to Zappa...

we meant it...

These are the kind of high quality,hard to find items that will set SDNR from apart from others.

Item #1--is an autographed large sized wide mouth mason jar signed by none other than.......WIDE MOUTH MASON, imagine..

$50$ Canadian dollars takes it
Start a mailing frenzy.

Item #2-- a vintage CashBox magazine in prime shape, featuring
Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention on the cover.

Again the first $40$ Canadian dollars that steps up, will roll home with this deadly Zappa keeper.
DO Not miss out.

Buyers assumes all shipping/insuring etc.All items represented by SDNR are authentic,mostly aquired by us first handed and are always an original unless stated and come as-is(as detailed a descrition/photo as to condition/size etc. will always be happily provided).
Sorry only Canadian money orders or Canadian currency accepted.

Check here or drop a line to for any further details related to these items and to enquire about our many other collectables.

stop, take a breath. drop what ever you are doing and rock out here with the best shwag we can get our hands on.

Exclusive to SDNR...

More,QOTSA..... Now availiable from Stop,Drop,'n'Rock...

Unique. Autographed by Josh,Nick,Mark,Troy,Joey.
Pic from The Starfish room(rip).
$25.00 can. per print. Photo by Chuk Foto.
Buyer responsible for all shipping/insuring.
Canadian cash or money order only


All things Shwag,
starting on a positive, here goes ...

This original gig poster for Queens o the stone age is now availiable only thru SDNR,
show was @ the Starfish room(rip) Vancouver B.C, we can't remember what year sorry.
Poster is two sided W/1st.album art on other side.

$40 canadian $$ OBO first come first serve.
Buyer assumes all shipping responsabilitys, canadian cash or money orders only please.

Check regular like here at SDNR for daily?listings, never know what's coming up next...
We have alot to bring you in the near future,
please drop us a line for more info or to discuss your shwag's potential.